Father, Son Contest For Madang Seats

Madang Governor, Peter Yama and son Ismael Yama are among other candidates who will be contesting the seven seats in Madang Province.

Peter Yama, the current Governor of Madang and the People`s Labor Party leader, is among 40 other candidates vying for the Madang regional seat, while Ismael endorsed under the same party will contest the Madang Open seat among 46 candidates.

As close of nomination yesterday, Madang had registered 317 candidates who will be contesting the seven seats- Madang provincial seat, Madang, Sumakr, Rai Coast, Middle Ramu, Bogia and Usino Bundi.

According to the tally collected and provided by the election officials, there were 41 candidates nominated for the provincial seat, 57 for Bogia open, Usino Bundi with 37, Sumkar with the highest of 57, Middle Ramu with 43, Raicoast with 54 and Madang open 47.

Madang Election Manager, Sponsa Navi said the box number of the candidates be announced today and the campaign had already started. He said the nomination process was peaceful and quiet throughout the province.

Mr Navi said there were minor drunk cases reported, but the police were there to contain the situation. He said there were also reports received of supporters of candidates sending threats to other supporters. 

The last day of nomination was peaceful with Governor Yama and son Ismael to be the last to nominate, supporters came in truckloads to witness their nomination. 

Governor Yama, after nominating told his supporters to conduct themselves in a peaceful way and must not hurt others who support other candidates.

Yama as PLP Party leader had endorsed more than 70 candidates throughout the country. He is confident that he will retain his seat as Madang Governor.

Sylvester Wemuru