Extension for outstanding writs

​The Governor General has granted permission to Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato to extend the deadline for the remaining writs from seats that are yet to be declared.

Commissioner Gamato today returned 80 of the 111 writs that were issued on April 24.

At the time the writs were returned, 88 seats have been declared but only 80 of those writs were presented to the Electoral Commission.

He hopes to have the remaining writs returned by Monday afternoon.

“In all fairness and for public interest, I have instructed that counting for the remaining 25 electorates continue till they finish the process,” he said.

He said he will not fail elections in any electorate because millions have been spent and it was a very expensive exercise.

“It would be good if the remaining electorates complete their counting and make their declarations before parliament first meets, so that members can be part of the election of the speaker and election of the Prime Minster for PNG’s 10th parliament,” he added.

He thanked the 3,340 candidates for their participation, particularly the 167 women candidates.

Sally Pokiton