Enga leader calls for peaceful polling

An Engan leader has called for peaceful polling during the polling period.

Nathan Piari, commonly referred to as Mr West, has called on the people, especially in the Highlands, to abide by law and conduct themselves peacefully during polling.

Piari, who formally contested the Enga Regional seat in the 2012 national election and now running for his Laigaip/Porgera constituency under the ruling People's National Congress Party said the campaign period has been peaceful so far and the same should be maintained during polling.

"I would like to call on my people in Enga and the other six highlands provinces to vote peacefully during polling. For too long we have been branded as aggressive and violent race and this must have to stop.

"This is a new era where we have many well educated highlanders contributing immensely at both the districts and the national level, and even international level.

"Many people in the rural areas are now aware of election processes and it's consequences.

"Hence, I would like to reiterate the importance of every decision that every individuals, not only in the Highlands but the country would make in choosing their leaders this election. A government that delivers would continue to deliver and should be uphold,"Mr Piari said.

He also called on his people in the Laigaip/Porgera electorate to decide for the betterment of the district and not be lured with cash handouts and bribes.

"I have decided to return to my Laiagam district and contest Laigaip/Porgera Open seat because my people have suffered for too long.”

He said other services at the district level had been lacking and as a son of Laiagam and West Enga, proudly as Mr West, Piari is adamant that he will ensure tangible services is promptly delivered to his people if he is given the mandate.

"My people have been deprived of services for too long due to pure negligence and lack of knowledge to run district affairs.

"Leaders must be seen to be leading the people in all aspect of leadership. Must serve the people and deliver to expectations.

“Being a leader means servant of the people and that is the challenge all leaders have to endure, “said Mr Piari.

He further called on the people not to be misled with petty politics during such times and choose real leaders that have the heart for the people and would serve them well.

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