ENB resident questions leaders’ motives

Majority of the people of East New Britain Province are questioning the motive behind their leaders’ alignment with the People’s National Congress Party.

Four out of five (‘G5’) ENBP Members are part of the Alotau Camp. While Pomio MP Elias Kapavore is a member of PNC, ENB Governor Nakikus Konga (People’s Progress Party), Kokopo MP Emil Tammur (PPP) and Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong (United Resources Party), have thrown their support behind PNC.

“Is this some form of strategy? Were they offered a better deal?” asks an ENB resident, Margaret Talie.

“On the other hand, there shouldn't be anything like deals or arrangements where, if you join a certain party or coalition, money will flow into your province or district.”

She said this country’s wealth should be distributed equally, whether you are part of the Opposition or Government.

“They promised us change and we voted them in. Their decision is a slap in our faces,” continues Talie.

Overwhelming, negative sentiments were similarly raised by East New Britons on social media.

Meanwhile, Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat is reminding the ENB leaders of their commitment to their people, and their vow to stand together.

During a dedication service last month, the five ENB leaders united to create their own group: G5.

The ‘G5’ team includes:

Nakikus Konga (PPP) - ENB Regional;

Dr. Allan Marat (MLP) - Rabaul Open;

Jelta Wong (URP) - Gazelle Open;

Emil Tammur (PPP) - Kokopo Open; and

Elias Kapavore (PNC) - Pomio Open

For now, East New Britons are wondering whether the MPs’ alignment with PNC will affect G5.

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Carmella Gware