ENB members-elect show solidarity

With elected MPs joining camps to form the next government, East New Britain’s leaders have dedicated their lives to God for his intervention during this five years of leadership.

In a show of solidarity and unity, the elected MPs on Sunday attended a church service at the Reimuela United Church at Tavui, Rabaul district.

All the five ENBP members-elect came together for Sunday service regardless of party affiliations.

Gazelle elect MP Jelta Wong told Loop PNG that unity among the ENB leaders is what will be driving them forward.

“I want to show my support for Dr Marat with Governor-elect Nakikus Konga.

“We believe in the unity of the province,” says Wong.

“For so long we have been divided.”

However, he says now that they are united, they have created their group; G5.

“I was lucky that they all agreed to meet and we have done the impossible, working as a team,” Wong told Loop PNG from Kokopo.

The ‘G5’ team includes:
Nakikus Konga (PPP) - ENB Regional;
Dr. Allan Marat (MLP) - Rabaul Open;
Jelta Wong (URP) - Gazelle Open;
Emil Tammur (PPP) - Kokopo Open; and
Elias Kapavore (PNC) - Pomio Open

The leaders have shown genuine concern for the development of ENBP, rather than jumping off quickly to join camps to form the next government.

Freddy Mou