Electoral roll update to be decentralised

The Electoral Commission is now in the process of working on a legislation that will decentralise the updating of the electoral roll.

The decision to decentralise the electoral roll follows post-election evaluation undertaken by the Electoral Commission.

The post-election evaluation identified some of the challenges and issues the Commission went through in hosting the 2017 National General Elections.

Key recommendations from local and international observers were also considered, prompting the Commission to decentralise the updating of the electoral roll to the provincial level.

“We are working on the legislative changes… so that updating of the rolls will be at the provincial level so that people can have access,” said Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

“But I’m looking at all year round roll updating exercise.

“In the past, that has been at the eve of elections and that hasn’t given us enough time to prepare well for the elections. Let’s go out and update rolls and spend enough time.”

(File pic of Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato) 

Charmaine Poriambep