Electoral Commission urged to respect voters’ rights

Candidate for the Moresby North-East seat, former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta has called on the PNG Electoral Commission to respect voters’ rights.

Sir Mekere appealed to the Electoral Commissioner, returning and polling officers, the police and other government agencies to respect voters’ rights to vote in an environment of peace and good order. 

He warned against the hijacking of ballot boxes and the rigging of voting and counting.

Sir Mekere called on the Electoral Commissioner not to allow and repeat what happened in 2012 when declaration took place in some electorates even before voting had taken place at other electorates.

“Counting should not start until all voting has finished.

“Papua New Guineans want a free and fair election,” Sir Mekere said.

Sir Mekere highlighted that the Constitution and Electoral Acts give the Electoral Commissioner the sole power to deliver that.

Quintina Naime