Electoral Commission launches Media Centre

​The Electoral Commission this afternoon launched its Media Centre in Port Mresby.

The Media Centre will be responsible for releasing all validated information during polling and counting.  

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato who launched the media centre, said the centre will be a vital platform for informing the public.

Information uploaded from the media centre onto its website will come from the Presiding Officers during polling and Returning Officers during counting.

Each Presiding Officer has been equipped with a CUG phone, while a tablet has been issued to each counting centre for sending of information. That information will however, go through the process of verification before the final confirmed information is published.

Gamato also stressed the importance of giving factual information to ensure transparency and a credible election process.

He said, information provided to the Media Centre must come from the legally endorsed forms 66A and 66B.

Form 66A records the total number of votes in each ballot boxes and form 66B records the total number of votes for each candidate, where the elimination process is based on.

The Media Centre will be open tomorrow onwards and will update its website every two hours.

Operating hours is from 8am to 6pm before counting and 7am to 12 midnight during counting.

Charmaine Poriambep