Elections to proceed for Kandep Rural

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato clarified today that the Electoral Commission will proceed with elections for 36 council wards in the Kandep Rural LLG in Enga Province.

In a previous statement, Gamato said due to unresolved legal issues surrounding the wards in Kandep Rural LLG, he would hold back the writs until when the matter is cleared by the Court.

But legal advice received today gave greenlight to the Commission to conduct elections for the 36 council wards.

“This is because the legal matter in court now does not name PNGEC as a party and does not stay or stop the electoral process for the gazetted 36 council wards approved by the National Executive Council in 2018,” Gamato clarified.

“On this basis, I have instructed the returning officer for Enga to prepare and conduct elections for the 36 council wards in Kandep Rural LLG.”

An application has been filed to have the number of wards increased for Kandep Rural LLG from 36 to 52 and a decision on the matter is still pending in court.


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