Election security operations yet to be funded

Former Prime Minister and a candidate in Moresby North West Sir Mekere Morauta is in fear that the the 2017 National Elections will be a failed election.

In a press conference on Monday in Port Moresby, Sir Mekere flanked by NCD Regional candidate Jamie Maxtone-Graham said the security preparations were not yet ready.

He claimed that the police are still waiting for their election funds to carry out their security operations.

Sir Mekere said reliable sources in the police force said they were due to receive K8 million last month but nothing  has happened.

Loop News was also given a copy of a document from the Police Department stating the planned  release of funds  which has never eventuated.

Sir Mekere further reiterated that elections must be given paramount importance than any other businesses like the APEC Summit.

He added that  the APEC Summit was just a day’s meeting compared to running the elections which must be given the utmost preference.

“Conducting elections is dealing with people’s lives and must not be treated as something not of significant importance.”

He said without security personnel on the ground the elections will not be conducted democratically and in a fair manner.

He feared that this election will be a failed election and a State of Emergency will be implemented.

Loop News has contacted Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Police Commissioner for comments over the past two days, but no response have been received from both leaders at the time of publishing this story.

Freddy Mou