Election Deferral Must Never Happen Again: Sir Julius

Former Prime Minister and current New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius Chan said the “deferral of National Election issuing of writs and nomination dates must never be repeated again in the future.”

He said the recent deferrals have thrown the nation off course and has created a worrying precedent.
“Our constitution is clear. The dates have been set. We should not have any excuses. 
“We have five years to prepare. Within that period the Electoral Commission has one simple task, to ensure the electoral roll in up to date. Yet here we are, late again. This time worse than previous years,” said Sir Julius. 
Sir Julius who is contesting the New Ireland regional seat again this election has called on the Electoral Commission to ensure it selects neutral returning officers not affiliated to any parties. 
“The Electoral Commissioner must be the guardian of our Electoral laws, he must never be influenced by politicians and ensure the entire system is free of corruption. He must stick to the constitution.”
Sir Julius further commended Governor General, Sir Bob Dadae for his decision, not to delay the issuing of writs by another week. 
“The Governor General gave confidence back to the title he holds, which often in the past has been used as a mere rubber stamp just to formalize decisions deliberated on by the Government,” he concluded. 


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