Election awareness underway in Enga

Election awareness is currently being carried out in Enga Province.

The awareness is focused on the process of how to vote and also to educate people on the separate polling booths for men and women.

Enga election manager, Anton Iamau, explained that the awareness educates the public on the right to vote as well.

Iamau confirmed that they have received materials from the PNG Electoral Commission (PNGEC) and officials are carrying out awareness to all communities in the province.

He revealed that from past experience, because there was only one polling booth for both genders, the men denied the women their right to vote by influencing them.

“There shouldn’t be cases of bribery during voting,” said Iamau.

“The voter will call his/her name to the presiding officer, who will then check the name on the common roll before the person is allowed to vote.

“If the name is listed, a ballot paper will be given for voting, unlike in the past.

“This is the type of awareness we are carrying out in all communities at the five districts,” Iamau said.

They have engaged the Caritas office in Wabag to carry out awareness to the communities.

Iamau said although there is no funding from the PNGEC to conduct this exercise, they have received assistance from the provincial administration.

He urged people in Enga to take ownership of the elections and understand that they must vote wisely with the freedom of choice and a right to vote, to elect a representative in parliament.

Quintina Naime