Distribution of Ballot papers will not change: Gamato

The way of distributing ballot papers for the 2017 National Elections will be not change, says Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

Gamato said that all the 10 million ballot papers for the provincial and open seats will be unpacked in Port Moresby, and later repacked according to enrolment figures for each electorate before been dispatched.

He said that is the same distribution process used in the last 8 elections.

“The ballot papers will be handled under tight security because they are very sensitive election materials,” Gamato said.

“All the ballot papers will be delivered to all the 22 provinces two weeks in advance before the commencement of polling on June 24. 

The Electoral Commissioner made this comment after questions of the distribution process was raised on the floor of Parliament last week.

“Is it true that ballot papers will be packed in Port Moresby and sent to the electorates’ unlike in the past where Ballot Papers were sent to electorates and packed in front of everyone, so everyone knew how many ballot papers were distributed to each wards based on number of population in particular ward? Wera Mori asked.

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Charles Yapumi