Difference in 2022 election noted

The People’s National Congress party candidate for the Lae Open seat, Ps Fabian Peter, was arrested and detained yesterday by Lae police over wilful damage and inciting violence charges.

The two counts fall under the criminal code and summary offences act.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said a complaint was lodged regarding wilful damage that amounted to at least K10,000.
Kunyanban said a vehicle was allegedly damaged during a campaign rally at Eriku Oval by Ps Peter Fabian and his supporters.
“The person who was the victim registered his complaint through normal process – like anybody would do,” he stated.
“Justice has to be served on people who are victims of crime. The law is supreme. I will not go further into the incident because it will now go before the Court.”
Ps Fabian was refused bail as he was already charged with another offence when the Eriku Oval incident occurred.
“If he was charged only under summary offences, I would have powers but because he was arrested under the criminal code, I am mindful because three months ago, he committed an offence for wilful damages on the houses of some people along the way where he resided (Kamkumung). So since that matter is still pending and if I grant him bail, what will the courts say to me?”
Kunyanban alluded to section 9(1)(b) of the bail act which said bail can be refused if “the offence with which the person has been charged was committed whilst the person was on bail”.
“I told his supporters, get the lawyer, go to court and court will decide.”
Kunyanban said the last thing he wants is for his officers to be accused of political bias.

Carmella Gware