Decision on Kandep counting suspension expected

A decision is expected to be made this afternoon on the suspension of counting in Kandep.

Counting in Kandep was suspended over the weekend after violence erupted in Wabag between supporters of two candidates contesting the Kandep seat.

The violence resulted in the deaths of two police officers deployed to the area as Election Security personal who were intervening to stop the clashes.

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, said he is expecting a report from the Police Commissioner, Gary Baki, who is presently on the ground.

Gamato says reports he has recived thus far is that restrictive measures have been put in place to control the movement of people in Wabag.

“The gun amnesty is still there so it gives extra powers to the police so we will try and reorganize the town so that we restrict some people so we control violence,” he said

“I’m hoping to get a report from the police commissioner this afternoon and then the IDEC committee will meet and then we can make some decision on Kandep."

Cedric Patjole