Crowd Backs PM’s Nomination

Prime Minister and Member for Tari-Pori, James Marape nominated today in front of a massive crowd who gathered to witness his nomination at Andaiji Oval in Tari.

Marape for the first time nominated as Prime Minister after becoming the CEO of the country in 2019. This is his fourth term to nominate after entering politics in 2007.
Speaking during his nomination, the Prime Minister urged the people to respect the electoral process and allow for a fair and transparent election.

Meantime, straight after nominating, Marape vowed in front of his people in Tari that he will resign if PANGU Pati will not form the next Government.

“Sopos PANGU Pati ino kisim invitation lo formim government, yupla ol Tari noken koros lo me. Me bai resign lo PANGU Pati leader na Member blo Tari-Pori na Kam bek lo ples (If PANGU Pati is not invited to form the next government, I will resign as Party leader and Member for Tari-Pori and come back home to Tari).”
Marape said he also told the PANGU Pati members on his decision if the party failed to form the next government. 
He clarified his reasons, as since reaching the top pinnacle of the country's top post, it will not be fitting to serve as an ordinary MP.
He added that being a Prime Minister is not an easy task. Marape told the people that many developments happening in Hela was because of the unified team of leaders from the province.

He said the onus is on the people as who they will be voting in this election. PANGU Pati has endorsed 70 candidates to contest in the election.

Freddy Mou