Centralised polling for NCD

Voters in the National Capital District will have centralised polling venues to cast their votes in a week time.

“This will be done for the first time in this election so that voters can easily find their place to vote,” Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said.

He said the new approach in conducting elections is voter friendly. 

“Additional benefits to centralized polling places are more concentrated security forces, more efficient delivery and retrieval of electoral materials, and more effective appointment of temporary election workers to local polling places,” Gamato said.

He explained that with this new arrangement, each polling place will have at least one or more polling booths to vote.

Polling for NCD will be conducted on 27 June in which registered voters from the Open electorates – Moresby North-East, Moresby North-West and Moresby South.

“If a voter is not registered, he or she will not be able to vote. If a voter is registered, he or she will only able to vote once,” Gamato said.

The campaign period for the 2017 National Election will end on 23 June, followed by 14 days of nationwide polling.

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Charles Yapumi