Central police commander suggests partial buai ban

Authorities are being called on to take more ownership of the law and order issue in the Central Province during the 2017 national elections period.


Central police commander Laimo Asi suggests that one area that the leaders in the province must support is the introduction of control measures for the buai trade.

Asi says he is suggesting for the provincial government to support his personnel and impose a “partial” buai ban.

The PPC says while he would ideally like to see the trade shut down realistically, this will not be the case as many depend on the thriving trade to make ends meet.

Hence he is suggesting for certain days for the buai trade to be allowed at the popular markets along the main highways.

 “In this way, I can spare the manpower that I have on ground in and around the province," Asi explains.

With just 174 police personnel in the province, PPC Asi says he needs to ensure that they are all hands on deck during this elections period.

Presently, there are many tensions between buai sellers and buyers in the province, with many traders coming in and causing a lot of social and law and order issues.

For now, Asi further appeals to all the community based leaders to take more ownership and encourage their people to avoid causing unnecessary trouble in relation to the buai trade.

Earlier this month, a confrontation was reported between buai sellers and traders, which prompted Asi to revisit the type of trading taking place while also taking into consideration the police manpower in the province.

Julianna Waeda