Bougainvilleans must decide their future: PNG Party

The next Coalition Government formed after the 2017 National Election will be in the hot seat to witness the Bougainville Referendum.

In the Bougainville Peace Road Map, the people of Bougainville will cast their votes in 2019 to decide to be part of Papua New Guinea or become the newest Independent State in the World.  

With the Issue of Writs for the election a month away, PNG Party General Secretary Kila Poka said his party will let the people of Bougainville decide its future.  

“If Bougainville needs the freedom for its people and make government for its own, if it feels that it can stand on its feet, if it feels that they will not face poverty in the next 20 years, I think we will leave Bougainville to gain its independence.

“But we feel as a Government that there future is bleak, the resources they have cannot sustain their lives, we will ask to refrain from that referendum, (and) we will do a case study before jumping into that conclusion. Remember that we are dealing with human beings and their lives are our concern,” Poka said.

He made this comment when speaking to media at the National Research Institute on Thursday after presenting the party policies.

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Charles Yapumi