Ballot papers still being held in POM

Ballot papers for the 2017 National Elections will be disbursed to all the provinces two weeks before polling.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said, “ballot papers will be unpacked and repacked in the coming weeks according to enrolment figures for each electorate, LLG and wards.

“They will be dispatched two weeks prior to commencement of polling on 24th June.”

All ballot papers since arriving from Indonesia have been kept at an undisclosed location.

The 2017 National Election campaign period will end on June 23, followed by 14 days of polling.  

Gamato said, PNG Electoral Commission projected a voter turnout of 4.7 million eligible voters.

Commissioner Gamato also clarified the printing of 10 million ballot papers. 

He added that, five million ballot papers will be used for the Provincial Seats and five million ballot papers for the Open Seats.

“On polling day, one voter will be issued with two ballot papers to cast his/her votes for the Provincial Seat and the Open Seat,” Gamato said.

The Electoral Commissioner clarified that, all extra ballot papers will be stamped “cancelled” during the unpacking and repacking stage.

(Caption: File picture)


Charles Yapumi