Baki confident about 2017 elections

The 2017 National Elections is seeing a very unlike change compared to previous elections in the country.


Police Commissioner, Gari Baki says the 2017 elections have been very quiet but says he is pleased with the progress of the police elections operations so far.

He said unlike running the operations in previous elections in the country, 2017 is a complete change.

“I do not know if it is a change for the better, but for me it shows that there is maturity in the mindset of Papua New Guineans and that’s the way we should be,” says Baki.

He added that as commissioner, he appreciates what has taken place so far,  and is appealing to the people of PNG to maintain this  atmosphere through the polling period so that we have our leaders elected.

“This is credit for us and for PNG and we have to ensure that 2017 is not a failure like the other elections before.”


Annette Kora