Bais Among Male Counterparts

The second day of nomination continued yesterday relatively well in the nation’s capital.

In the Moresby North West electorate, Ipi Park at Hohola received a few interesting election nominees who for the first time, made public their intention to run for office. Among them is Singer Songwriter Anslom Nakikus.

Nominations for Moresby North West began on Thursday with a rowdy start, however, the second day of nominations were quite slow and quiet.

Returning Officer for North West, Vincent Manukayasi, stated that many candidates nominated yesterday because there was a confusion with the nomination dates. 

Incumbent Lohia Boe Samuel, will be defending the seat against contenders like former Chief Secretary of State Isaac Lupari, Joe Tonde and the singer songwriter Anslom Nakikus, a late inclusion for the race, who hopes to sing through. 

Out of the 12 candidates, lone female and former Secretary for Department of Community Development Anna Bais, nominated.

Returning officer Mr Manukayasi stated that he should be expecting 30 candidates by the end of the nomination period, based on numbers from last year’s by-election of the Moresby North-West Open seat.

Jasmine Iru