Aust To Observe PNG Elections

At the invitation of the PNG Government and the PNG Electoral Commission (PNGEC), Australia will observe the 2022 PNG National Election as part of a wider international election observation effort.

International election observers have an important role in elections across the world as their observations improve the transparency and credibility of the electoral process.

The role of international election observers is to provide a comprehensive, independent and impartial assessment of all aspects of the electoral process.

PNG Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai, has accredited the international election observers who are part of the international election observation effort. All international election observers have received an identification card from the PNGEC.

International election observers do not interfere in the election process and have signed the PNGEC Code of Conduct for Observers.

Observations will be reported to the PNGEC and findings from the international observation effort will assist in improving future elections in PNG.

Australia’s support reflects PNG and Australia’s shared commitment to democracy.

Any questions about the conduct of the elections should be addressed to the PNG Government and issues will be addressed through PNG’s own rules and mechanisms.

Press Release