Alternative government leaders confident to form new government

Leaders of the alternative government met early this week to chart a pathway towards the formation of a new government come August 2017.

Party leaders and representatives from the former opposition parties/ranks together with the National Alliance Party are happy to join forces again.

They acknowledged that the collective experience of the various groups and positive influences that come with it will bolster nationwide support for a change in government to arrest and stabilize our spiraling economic downfall and ever-declining social ills.

 The coalition partners are committed to dig the economy out of its worst ever debt crisis since independence and guide the nation back on track towards the promised greater prosperity which was lost over the last five years.

This new found alliance and membership has now given them the strength and confidence to form the next government. 

The party that met include National Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch, President of THE Party Warusam Debege on behalf of Don Polye, People's Progress Party Ben Micah, PNG Constitutional Democratic Party leader Ila Geno, Sir Mekere Morauta representing independents and Kerenga Kua of PNG National Party.

The veteran parliamentarian and father of the nation Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was there to witness the occasion as well.

The group pledged to work together to form the next government and agreed that the work must start immediately and such meetings must happen on a regular basis to galvanize and restore normalcy and confidence to the people of PNG.

 The group remain open to include other parties interested in joining this alternative coalition of parties including those who wish to divorce themselves from the PNC leadership.

Freddy Mou