All MPs to perform their roles during election period

All sitting Members of Parliament will continue to perform their tasks until the return of writs for the 2017 National Election, says a senior government minister.

Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru told his people in the Yangoru Saussia District last week that all MPs and ministers will continue to perform their roles until the end of the election process.

The local Yangoru Saussia MP said, the District Development Authority will continue to fund its commitments in the districts.

Maru also appealed to his people to respect the democratic rights of each and other and no voter intimidation must be practiced.

He added that a Police Mobile Squad unit will be brought into the district to ensure that there is a free and safe election.

The Governor-General will issue the election writs on Thursday in Port Moresby, when nomination will be opened. 

The nomination period will close at 4pm on April 27.

There will be 8 weeks of campaign period, from 20 April – 23 June.

Polling will run from 24 June – 8 July, followed by the counting period. 

Return of Writs of the election must be before July 24.

Charles Yapumi