Abau in Central Province completes polling

Abau is the only electorate that has completed polling so far in the Central Province.

Aroma Coast and Cloudy Bay LLGs completed polling on the weekend while one polling team for Amazon Bay LLG finished off today to complete polling for Abau.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says that for Rigo Open, Rigo coast and central have completed polling while Rigo inland will be done by Wednesday, July 5.

All three LLGs in the Goilala electorate, Guari, Woitape and Tapini are expected to complete polling on July 6th.

For Kairuku-Hiri Open, Hiri and Mekeo LLGs polling ends today.

Gamato confirmed that Kairuku LLG is scheduled to complete polling on Thursday, July 6 and Koiari LLG is expected to end polling on Friday, July 7.

Meantime, counting venues for Central Province has been confirmed.

Counting for Abau Open will take place at Kupiano, Goilala counting will be done at Gordons Police Station Gym and counting for Kairuku-Hiri will take place at CIS Bomana.

Quintina Naime