3000 extra ballot papers burnt

More than 3000 ballot papers have been burnt on Thursday in Western Highlands Province in the presence of scrutineers, security personnel and election officials.

Provincial logistics manager for 2017 Elections, Tom Kiap, clarified that the ballot papers were extras for Mul-Baiyer, Dei Open, Hagen and Tambul-Nebilyer electorates.

Kiap said after the distribution of ballot boxes during polling, the remaining were brought back and stored in a container.

He said he didn’t want to burn the ballot papers in an isolated manner but in the presence of officials.

He added that most of the ballot boxes brought back were those that were tampered with by the voters during polling.

Meanwhile, Provincial Election Manager Philip Telape is confident that counting for the provincial and open seats will be completed on time.

Counting for Hagen Open commenced on Thursday evening while the others will start today.

Freddy Mou