265, 000 voters in NCD

National Capital District voter roll is 265,000 registered voters who vote for the four seats in the Papua New Guinea’s capital.

According to Electoral Commission, Moresby North-East Open has 105,000 voters, Moresby North-West 90,000 and Moresby South 70,000.

The total number of voters will also vote for the NCD Regional seat.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said, there will be approximately 370 polling booths in 170 polling venues in the city.

The key multiple-booth polling places within the three NCD Open electorates are as follows:

Moresby North-East

                BOROKO SUBURB: Apex Park (4 booths) and Lahara Park (2 booths)

                EAST BOROKO SUBURB: Coronation Primary School (5 booths)

                5-MILE SETTLEMENT AND NBC: Jack Pidik Park (4 booths)

                SARAGA SETTLEMENT: Saraga Field (6 booths)

                GORDON’S SUBURB: Unagi Oval (4 booths)

                ERIMA SETTLEMENT: Erima Court House (7 booths)

                8-MILE SETTLEMENT: Moitaka Primary School (6 booths)

                MOROBE BLOCK: PNG Power Pole, Last Block (5 booths)

Moresby North-West

                HOHOLA BURNS PEAK: Hohola Police Station (4 booths)

                TOKARARA SUBURB: Tokarara Secondary School (6 booths)

                JUNE VALLEY: Ororo Primary School (3 booths)

                NORTH WAIGNAI: Boreboa Primary School (3 booths)

                MORATA 2 SUBURB: Pastor Charles Lapa’s Residence (4 booths)

Moresby South

                NEW TOWN: Kabua Crescent Roundabout (3 booths)

                WANIGELA VILLAGE: Wanigela Community Hall (5 booths)

                GOROBE SETTLEMENT: Gorobe Mini-Market (3 booths)

                SABAMA SUBURB AND SETTLEMENT: Sabama Field (5 booths)

Charles Yapumi