25 Nominated For Goilala Open

Day two of nominations and so far Goilala Open has seen 25 candidates nominate. Numbers expected to increase as nomination period runs until May 26.

The first to nominate on Thursday, May 19 was Matilda Koma, so far the only female candidate from the Woitape LLG. She was the first on site and nominated at 3:52pm.

Returning Officer, Theodore Maia said supporters of candidates arrived in respectable numbers and caused no hindrance to operations.

Maia encourages that all involved in the hype of the election period, especially for the duration of nominations must be considerate.

“My message to them is to make sure that the election must be done in a proper way to allow for our candidates to come in,” he said.

“There must be peace. Not to create differences between the candidates and also between the supporters, just to make sure that this election can be carried out in a free manner.”

Marysila Kellerton