‘Hacked’ candidates saga: Police officers warned

Police officers involved in the alleged plans to hijack the National Capital District (NCD) election process will be publicly shamed and dealt with.

This was the warning from NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, following the alleged hacking of candidates’ Facebook message logs. Screenshots of the purportedly hacked chat logs were uploaded on Facebook on Sunday.

Private messages that allegedly belonged to NCD regional candidates Andy Bawa, Robert Agen and Noel Anjo Kolao, surfaced on social media, sparking heated discussions on their validity. Another regional candidate, Steven Kilage, was also named, including an assistant police commissioner.

While the candidates have been asked to clear themselves with police, Turi says the threats of hijacking the election process will not be taken lightly. And more importantly, law enforcers have been strongly urged to remain neutral.

“Police officers involved in this grouping will be shamed and charged,” says Commander Turi.

A warning was also issued during a joint forces briefing last Friday (June 16), which included police, army and Correctional Services officers.

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Carmella Gware