​Woman candidate highlights Gulf woes

​Climate change is a global issue which is also affecting the people of Gulf Province.

At the moment, Malalaua station is inundated by flood water caused by heavy downpour and over-swelling of main river systems.

Woman candidate running for Gulf Regional Seat, Maso Raka, says it is a great challenge, one of which she cannot do herself and that she is not ashamed to say that Gulf Province is the least developed in the country.

“My vision is to work with non- government organisations and people who are specialised in mitigating loss that rise from climate change.”

She says climate change is truly affecting the livelihoods of the village communities and immediate help is needed.

Raka adds that there is no difference between herself and the other women that are also contesting.

“We are equally confident and we will contest this election supporting each other.”

She says the men have taken us on a long ride, leaving Gulf Province in its current state.

She also reveals her stance on the second PNG LNG project in the province; as former chairperson through the Gulf Focus Group, they had supported the current government to have the LNG project processed in Gulf Province

“We will have the last say and that would be aligned to the needs and aspirations of the people of Gulf,” she adds.

Annette Kora