​Waigani Police Station booths more organised

​It was quiet for the Waigani suburb as residents took to the polls to exercise their democratic rights in NCD's one-day polling.

The busy shop front at TST Waigani was deserted as eligible voters, in an orderly manner, turned up at the Waigani Police Station to cast their votes early this morning.

Polling booths opened just before 10am.

All shops around the area, including the main Waigani market, were closed this morning. Not even a single Asian shop remained open.

And unlike the Burns Peak polling area at Hohola, the three booths at Waigani were well organised as voters quietly and patiently stood in line to cast their votes.

PMV buses at the main Waigani bus stop were even looking for passengers this morning.

For Waigani, in the Moresby North-West electorate, other polling booths are stationed at the Games village, PTC compound, Bagita Barracks and Boreboa Primary School.

Sally Pokiton