​Tkatchenko issues challenge to rival candidates

Incumbent Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko has challenged his rival candidates to campaign with real policies, rather than untruths for political point scoring.

Speaking at one of his rallies at the Kaugere Basketball Courts on Saturday, Tkatchenko said: "There are candidates going around telling our people about a road that will run through our coastal communities, Wanigela Village, Vanagi and Joyce Bay. There is no such road, and this is the first that I am hearing of such a road.

"Even Governor Parkop does not know of such a road.”

The MP said there is no such plan to relocate anybody in these villages to make way for such a road.

"You cannot want to be a leader to our people, and stand for lies. That is not leadership.

“Leadership is coming forward with alternative policies that you believe will work for our people and their livelihoods, to complement and improve their lives.

“What you want to be talking about is better service delivery, better health services, better education solutions, or better and greater opportunities for our people. Not lies in the hope that you can scare people into voting for you.”

Tkatchenko stated that their record speaks for itself in Moresby South.

“Our partnership with the National Government and the respective Ministries, NCDC and Governor Powes Parkop, the Australian and New Zealand Governments, the Corporate Community and Individuals, has reaped rewards for our people.

“That is because we did not sit in our offices and wait for assistance to come over the last four-five years. We went out and we sought assistance through partnerships, where we knew our budget allocations were not adequate. That allowed us to do twice as much.”

He said through this, they built seven new markets, 96 new classrooms beside other school infrastructure, connected water to close to 20 communities, educated about 8000 both young and old through the Moresby South TVET Scholarship Scheme, and upgraded more than 20 main or link roads.

Tkatchenko stressed that more developments will follow.

(Kaugere Primary School student Alice Koivi presenting a painting done by her father, Koivi Ove)

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