​Polling winds down in Gulf

Four teams in the Kerema Central LLG are expected to complete polling today in the Gulf province.

Three other teams in the Kerema Open electorate have completed polling, according to the Electoral Commissioner.

Commissioner Patilias Gamato said polling is progressing well in East Kerema as well as Kaintiba.

Polling in all Kerema Urban LLGs have been completed while voting in Kotidanga and Lakikamu LLGs are progressing well and is expected to be completed by this Friday, July 7.

In the Kikori Open electorate, polling in the Baimuru LLG progressed into its second day on Tuesday.

Polling teams are yet to be inserted via chopper into East and West Kikori LLG.

Meanwhile in Northern Province, polling is progressing for Sohe and Ijivitari open electorates.

Sally Pokiton