​Pala: More experienced and wiser

​Sitting member for Rigo Open, Ano Pala, says he has learnt a lot in his last two terms and believes he is more experienced and wiser.

Speaking at his rally yesterday at Galomarupu village, Pala appealed to the crowd of over 1000 to bring him back for a third term.

“I have a much stronger network than before. I learnt a lot of things in my last two terms. I will be a better leader, more experienced, more wiser and powerful leader.”

Speaking on service delivery, Pala said milestones included Rigo having the best district hospital in the Central Province.

“As a leader, you need to attend to immediate things as well as the long term things.

“There will always be opposition. When people ask what I’ve done for Rigo, I can tell you what I’ve done. Some of the things I’ve done, you can see. Others you can’t see,” he said.

“It’s like going into a garden, you can see the trees but there are other things in the ground called the seeds.

“A member of parliament plants those seeds by way of policies, by way of project documentation.

“This road here took many years but it happened, the hospital at Kwikila took about 10 years but it happened, the rice project took about eight years but it happened.

“If we don’t plant the seeds, things will never happen,” said Pala.

Pala is also the Justice and Attorney-General Minister. 

Troy Taule