​No coordination in ENB: Candidate

​There is no coordination and cooperation between sitting national political leaders in East New Britain, claims an intending candidate.

Unbudgeted spending and politically driven commitments drove the province off its development pathway, says Kokopo Open Independent candidate Edward Lamur.

He has maintained this argument on his campaign trail to educate voters.

Lamur and his team began correcting the issue by developing his home grown policies in line with the East New Britain Provincial Government’s strategic result areas, aligned to the ENB development pathways and Vision 2050.

Lamur said the journey back to the development pathways needed teamwork and re-instill clear separation of roles and responsibilities of politicians and public servants.

However, incumbent Kokopo MP and Governor Ereman ToBaining Jnr maintained his stand and called on Lamur to stop misleading the people of Kokopo and East New Britain during these elections.

ToBaining told Loop PNG this morning that being a former district administrator, Lamur should be in a better position to inform the people on facts rather than mislead them.

“Why don’t he give advice to the leaders when he was holding onto the position as the district administrator rather than waiting for the elections?” ToBaining Jnr said to Loop PNG.

Freddy Mou