​NCD polling booths to open at 8am

​Polling booths will be open by 8am on Tuesday morning in the nation’s capital.

This was reiterated by the Electoral Commissioner and NCD metropolitan superintendent at the officials and security forces meet at the Rita Flynn complex this morning in Port Moresby.

Turi said for most polling venues, unlike in the past election polling period, most officials will now have to be at the camping site a day prior to the polling. This is to avoid inconveniences for the ballot papers to be brought straight to the polling venues.

He said the roles of police at the polling booths will be to conduct searches on vehicles that are 100 metres from the polling venue.

“We ask all drivers of vehicles not to be in the vicinity of the voting venue as this will cause traffic congestion and overcrowding. This might cause people to do other things apart from being near the polling venue to vote.”

He adds that police will also be setting up roadblocks and will not allow for people to travel in large numbers, making loud noise in public places let alone near polling venues.

“Once you cast your vote, we ask you to leave and make space for the ones who are in line to vote or those who are yet to move in to cast their votes.”

Turi appealed to the electoral commission and the officers to not organise at the last minute and get everything prepared early in the morning before polling opens.

“Police will be out by 6am to be stationed at their designated polling stations and I appeal for you officials to be on time at your polling venues,” Turi said.

Annette Kora