​NCD election manager arrested with hard cash

Police have arrested NCD election manager, Terence Hetinu, at a polling location at Six-Mile this morning.

NCD/Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut, confirmed this in a press conference today.

Kalaut said Hetinu was arrested when he went there to advise the polling and police officials that NCD polling had been deferred.

"Because of that, it raised a lot of suspicions."

Kalaut said as management for the police, that was an advice that was supposed to come from the electoral commissioner. The date has been set and gazetted and polling has to be done within these scheduled dates.

Police were then instructed to apprehend Hetinu and take him to Boroko Police Station to verify whether it was true NCD polling had been deferred.

After bringing him to the station, Hetinu's vehicle was searched, where they discovered a large amount of money valued at K184,300.

A further search was conducted and an allegedly signed document was found to be in his possession; it was between Hetinu and a certain candidate.

"The document was more or less of an agreement for a large sum of money to be paid if the objective was achieved."

Kalaut said he is now in custody, undergoing further interrogation by the Criminal Investigations Division.

"We will liaise with the electoral commission whether the money in Hetinu’s possession was for the allowance for the electoral officials."

However, it has been understood that all allowance payments for the officials have been paid through their bank accounts.

This has been the standing with all the departments involved with the elections.

The outcome of the investigations will be released later this afternoon.

Annette Kora