​Motu-Koita neglected for too long: Candidate

​For far too long, the people of Motu Koitabu have been neglected in their own land.

Their lands have been taken away from them and their villages lack basic services, among other things. This will and must stop!

This was the main message to more than a thousand people gathered on Wednesday evening at Gabi village, Hanuabada, to witness the first rally of Moresby north-west candidate Russel Simon Wavik.

Wavik is running under the People’s Progress Party banner.

The message was clear, it was time for the people to choose a person they believe would lead them to fight for their livelihood.

Wavik said he is vying for the seat of Moresby North West, which also has other large suburbs like Gerehu, Tokarara and Hohola, because all these areas have seen little to no development, like the rest of the Motu Koitabu villages.

While acknowledging all other candidates who are putting their hands up for the Moresby North West Seat, Wavik urged the villagers to think about their future and the future of their children when the one day of polling arrives.

The intending candidate has vied for the seat five times since 1997, and came in at the top three. Giving support to him was party leader Ben Micah and intending candidate for Moresby South, Anna Skate, daughter of former Prime Minister Bill Skate.

(Moresby north-west candidate Russel Simon Wavik, left, with PPP leader Ben Micah and Moresby South candidate Anna Skate)

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