​Mobile squad restores order

Order has been restored in Vanimo, thanks to the presence of the Mobile Squad 22 (bravo section).

“Despite a few law and order problems encountered where drunken youths travel around, threatening voters to vote for certain candidates, everything is quiet now,” says a member of the Special Services Division (SSD).

"Vanimo is quiet, polling is going well."

The 13-man team landed in the Sandaun capital last Tuesday morning.

“We SSD personnel are also assisting our counterparts from PNG Defence Force to patrol our international border,” Loop PNG was told.

Meanwhile, polling throughout Sandaun Province is expected to be completed on Wednesday, says Election Manager Martin Anskar.

He says polling for the 99 teams in the province is progressing well and on schedule.

The 14 days of nationwide polling for the 2017 National Election will end on Saturday.

(Some of the members of the Mobile Squad 22)

Carmella Gware