​Minape confident to change Lae city

​Lae open candidate Mathew Minape has committed to solve the people’s issue of land grabbing if he wins this election.

In a press conference today in Port Moresby, Minape said his aim is to change Lae city into a proper, regulated settlement city.

“Lae has been stagnant for the last 41 years and needs a visionary leader to move it forward.”

He said settlements have been popping up everywhere in Lae city and a regulated system of settlement is needed.

Minape added that Lae is the industrial hub of the country and needed somebody with a vision to lead the people and show them the way.

“If I am elected as an MP, the buck stops with me. I don’t want evictions in Lae.”

He added that he will plan and rehabilitate the settlements and turn them into suburbs where people can access roads, water, electricity, healthcare and other essential services.

He said his other policy is to create affordable housing to all people in the settlements and public servants in Lae city.

Minape has contested the Lae open seat three times in a row and has always finished in the top three.

He has contested in 1997, 2002, 2007. He also contested for the Enga regional seat in 2012.

With a business background, Minape is confident in changing the face of Lae city if given the opportunity.

Freddy Mou