​Kairuku-Hiri Open declaration expects delay

Declaration for the Kairuku-Hiri Open seat will not be done this weekend as expected.

Kairuku-Hiri Returning Officer, Tabu Vaira, said with the delay in counting of the last two ballot boxes due to administrative issues, they are now running behind schedule.

After the last two boxes are counted, they will then move on to quality checks.

Vaira explained that quality checks will depend on how fast they can go through to make sure that during the eliminations, no informal votes are found.

“Quality checks normally take one to two days but we will have to fast track the process,” he stated.

“Declaration will definitely not be on July 24 when the writs are gazetted to be returned because we are running well behind schedule.”

He added that counting for most electorates are also behind schedule as more than 80 seats are yet to be declared.

Meantime, Vaira commended the scrutineers and counting officials for the peaceful counting process so far.

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Quintina Naime