​Jiwaka quiet so far, reports PPC

Since the commencement of the election process in Jiwaka Province, the province has been generally quiet.

Provincial Police Commander Joseph Tondop said this is because of the informative awareness that has been going in the province since December last year.

“We have not seen much activity with the people since nominations started,” said the PPC.

“People have gotten back to their normal everyday routine and are just waiting for polling to start.”

Tondop also raised concerns on the locations of the polling booths, where he suggested to the Electoral Commission to have them in central, populous areas that are at walking distance.

He said this is because of the shortfall in the number of policemen.

“We have to look at some locations where people can gather at a central location so the police can move in and out quickly and supervise the polling,” he clarified.

Tondop adds that with the minimal resource that is available for police, he is confident that his men will provide the much needed security in Jiwaka and make sure people can be able to exercise their constitutional rights to vote for their leaders.

Annette Kora