​Heavy rains disrupt Wewak polls

Heavy rain this morning disrupted polling for Wewak Electorate in East Sepik Province.

Wewak Urban LLG, which was supposed to hold its final day of the two-day polling, got cancelled. The same went for Wewak Rural, Wewak Island, Turubu and Boikin-Dagua.

Wewak Returning Officer, Thaddeus Ulapapik, confirmed to this newsroom that weather was to blame for suspension of polling today.

He said polling will resume depending on the weather.

Ulapapik is confident polling will be completed within the gazetted 14 days.

Meanwhile, the RO appealed to candidates to educate their scrutineers so they do not delay the flow of polling. 

Ulapapik said scrutineers repeatedly wanting to check serial numbers of ballot papers every time it is being transported are causing delays.

Despite the election, it is business as usual for the East Sepik provincial capital.

The shops and markets are open and people are attending to their daily activities.

Charles Yapumi