​Gamato: I will not resign

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, says he will not step down and will continue to ensure the elections are run smoothly.

Gamato said this when grilled during yesterday’s media conference in Port Moresby.

Since polling began on Saturday in the country, many negative reports have been made public. Among them was the late start of polling teams, resulting in less number of votes cast and people and students turned away due to missing names, despite registering earlier this year.

The deferral of polling in NCD from Tuesday to Friday, the detainment of the NCD Election Manager and several polling officials over suspected foul play has put more pressure on the Commissioner.

Responding to a barrage of questions, Gamato was eventually asked if he would step down, which he promptly replied: “I don’t think I’ll have to resign. I'll have to conduct these polls.”

Meanwhile, 10 candidates contesting seats in the NCD have called for Gamato to resign and have the Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Kala Moro, assume the role.

They claim Gamato is incompetent and has compromised his position.

Gamato told the candidates that he will prepare a formal response to them.

Cedric Patjole