​ESP counting scheduled for Saturday

Counting for seats in the East Sepik Province is scheduled for Saturday.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato announced this during an update on polling in the province.

He said there were a few hiccups such as the fight at South Wosera between drunkards and supporters of a candidate, which resulted in the damaging of a ballot box and the theft of a ballot box in Angoram, which was later returned.

As of yesterday, polling has been completed in some areas of the province while other are yet to be completed.

They include:

Wewak Open – 20 teams out of 29 have completed polling

Ambunti-Dreikikir Open – Four teams completed, polling continues

Angoram Open – Seven out of 33 teams completed, polling continues

Maprik Open – Five teams completed, polling continues

Wosera-Gawi Open – three teams completed, polling continues

Yangoru-Saussia Open – 6 teams completed, polling continues.

Cedric Patjole