​Candidates urged to send ‘decent’ scrutineers

Candidates contesting the Moresby North-East seat have been urged by police to provide decent scrutineers who will not disrupt counting.

Senior Sergeant Tepias Map said this today before counting for the Moresby North-East seat resumed.

Map told candidate John Kaupa and others this morning that scrutineers must be decent and must work alongside election officials; not disrupt the process.

He said there were many disruptions by scrutineers, which have delayed counting.

He also called for scrutineers not to verbally assault and intimidate counting officials and Electoral Commission staff.

Meanwhile, the candidates are expected to identify their scrutineers before they enter the counting venue.

Candidate Kaupa raised with Returning Officer, Thomas Rango, that ID cards can be easily forged.

Senior Sergeant Map then said to avoid any imposters entering the venue, candidates are to nominate scrutineers before police so they are aware.

Counting for the seat is yet to resume.

(Picture by KENNEDY BANI)

Cedric Patjole