​Candidate clears air on Party

Candidate for the South Bougainville Open seat, Jacob Kiason Potoura, is trying to clear the air about the S.O.M Pioneer Party, which has received widespread criticism.

Firstly, S.O.M stands for System Organisation and Money, which consists of a team that aims to serve and unite the people to build a great nation.

“The good thing about SOM party is unity; it has united us all ex-combatants, the former BRA Resistance Me’ekamui and even U-Vistract,” Potoura said.

“It is a Bougainvillean-owned party.

“Other political parties, especially the PNG ones, do not allow candidates to talk about the Bougainville issue of referendum and independence,” claims the SOM endorsed candidate.

“We have been blinded by services from the national government and we have not been talking about what we have fought for.

“This is a Bougainville founded party registered and allowed to participate in PNG politics. According to the Bougainville peace agreement, only us Bougainvilleans are allowed to talk about independence, so the SOM party is our vehicle.”

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Peterson Tseraha