​Authority responds to commuters’ concerns

​Grievances from commuters and the general public have received a positive response from the Road Traffic Authority.

PMV buses will now be issued temporary permits on a regular basis if their buses are to be used during the election period by candidates.

This action has been taken to limit the number of buses hired by candidates during the election period, resulting in transportation issues for the general public.

Road Traffic Authority CEO, Nelson Terema, said there have been recent accidents that could have been avoided if drivers had only followed traffic rules.

Overloading of PMV buses during campaign by supporters of candidates is certainly a concern and police have been urged to work alongside RTA to address issues of overloading and other traffic-related matters.

Candidates are discouraged from having their supporters overload vehicles, especially open back vehicle and PMV buses, during this election period and that traffic rules still apply to every driver who is on the road.

(Loop file pic)

Annette Kora