​22 nominated so far in Manus

A total of 22 intending candidates have so far nominated to contest the Regional and Open seats in Manus province.

Manus Election Manager, Sponsa Navi, told Loop PNG that both current members of the province have not yet nominated.

He said in the Regional seat, 10 candidates have nominated while 12 candidates have nominated to run for the Open seat.

Those who nominated for the Manus Regional Seat include;  Ken Kuso, George Sikin, Francis Kari Masu, Qwentan Kiliwi Chollaii, wife of former Madang Governor Jim Kas - Dr Theresa Kamau Kas, Elijah Kireng Pokarop, Dr Hilda H Polume, Leslie Roai, former Governor Michael Sapau :and Martin Kele-eh Warek.

For the Open seat: Kelly Lomon, former Finance Secretary Steven Bubulis Gibson, Pongie Kichawen,  Parai Kanawi Tamei, Joseph Tanak Kimat, Milton Sapak, Joseph Pokanau Kulapo, Peter Haei Petsul, Jeffrey Maliou, Ben Pondrein and Mark Gregory Kana Paul have nominated to contest.

Former Manus Governor Dr Jacob Gris Jumogot will also be contesting, this time for the Manus Open seat.

“It’s been very quiet. We expect that tomorrow onwards, maybe a lot more candidates will come in by tomorrow,” Navi said.

Navi said both the current sitting MPs, Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin and suspended Member Ronny Knight, are yet to nominate.

He said 29 intending candidates filed form 29 (bio form) to contest the Regional seat while 35 filed form 29 for the Open seat.

Manus has interestingly recorded the oldest candidate to contest the Manus Open seat. He is 87 years old Joseph Pokanau Kulapo, who nominated last Friday.

Former Manus Governor Michael Sapau has also nominated to recontest the post he once held.

(Qwentan Kiliwi Chollaii nominating in Manus last Friday)  

Sally Pokiton